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The purpose of this web site is to provide resources to  experienced researchers as well as new comers in the fields of pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other overlapping research fields.

The focus of this site's research is to
fully describe the relationships between data characteristics and classifier behaviour, and to develop algorithms that automatically select classifiers and parameters appropriate for a given set or subset of data. Relevant publications are available from the 'Publications' link and other relevant tutorials are available at the 'Tutorials' link.

It is clear from the literature that there is no best classifier for all types of problems. Some guidelines have been proposed in the literature for classifier selection. These guidelines, however, do not provide much insight on the specific characteristics of the data that will determine the preference of classifier.
An empirical comparison of classifiers on any problem can be performed by using the classification applet available at the 'Applet' link.

Pattern recognition is a very active research area which overlaps with various other research fields such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Probability Theory, Algebra and Calculus. Source code for various classifiers and other numerical and statistical algorithms are available at the 'Source Code' link. Terminology used in these research fields can be found at the 'Tutorials' link.

Classifiers cover a wide range of information processing problems. These problems often have great importance and include speech recognition, classification of handwritten characters, fault detection in machinery, medical diagnosis and many other. A non-exhaustive list of pattern recognition applications is available at the 'Pattern Recognition Applications' link'.

Classification algorithms have been applied to various comercial products very succesfully. Commercial Neural Network Classification, Regression, Data Analysis and many other applications are available at the links on the left hand side.

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